Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

maliki contest 2011 fifth place

Hello guys

i want to show you something amazing...i´m soooooooooooo happy i cant tell in i upload some pictures

this are my entry for malikis competition this year you can find the full picture here

and this was the prize *____* i love this book so much its so amazing...*____* its maliki tome 5
and the artist did a smal beautiful drawing in the inside of the book *____* i love it ♥
and i´m in this book drawing you can find it in the middle of this book as a little print...i´m so happy i could kuddle the whole world ♥♥

here a little bigger shot from the print in malkiki tome 5 ♥♥

are more maliki fans here? o.O

so i wish you all a wonderful weekend and a very scarry and funny halloween night ;3 ;3 ;3
kaorie ^^

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